A two-sided basketball shotclock above the hoopNext to the scorekeeping module, a timer module is perhaps the next most important thing for officiating a basketball game. Adding a timing element makes the game much more formal and rules out any unfairness of periods running long. In addition to remaining period time indication, it is also possible to integrate shot clock modules into the time tracking system – some of them may come on roller stands to make them more portable.

If to speak about the basic basketball clocks, they can be usually found in forms of up/down timers. When choosing such a timer, it is worth to make sure that its display is easily readable even at a large enough distance. Also, the built-in speaker is highly desirable – the players should be able to hear the clear and loud sound signal at the end of each period.

This short introduction to basketball time tracking peculiarities would be incomplete without mentioning the option of going ultra-cheap with a handheld stopwatch and a whistle. However, this looks to be quite error prone and somewhat subjective. And, as good as the judge willing to keep time may be, a human is no match for a micro-controller driven LED device in terms of reliability and accuracy.

Time Tracking Models

MacGregor Sports Counter Clock

This timing module with the bright 4-inch led digits is easy to use for basketball game time keeping thanks to its solid construction and simplicity of the controls. It can display the maximum 99:59 time in the count up and count down mode or can be used as a large regular digital clock. The end of game sound signal functionality is also available, although it is actually a simple beep sound. Powered by 120V A/C, this model can be easily portable as well thanks to the high capacity rechargeable battery.


BSN Wireless Shotclocks and Controller

Enhancing the game with basketball shot clocks can take the overall game experience to the next professional level. These ones can count up and down in the range of 1 – 99 seconds, and thanks to almost eight inch high digits, timing data can be seen even from 300 feet distance. Each device is powered with a rechargeable battery providing an easy way to place each module as appropriate, while a wireless controller makes time tracking even more seamless during the game.