Switched off scoreboard fragment displaying the score for Home teamElectronic scoreboards undoubtedly provide a convenient way for game score keeping and usually offer a number of additional useful features besides such obvious ones as flexible configuration capabilities and high display readability. One of the other quite common features is a remote control for easier scoreboard access. Just another interesting one is the system titled Colorsmart which was initially presented by Darktronics company. It improves the visual information representation by indicating the trailing team’s score in red lighting and the leading team’s score in green lighting. While not implemented in official game scoreboards, it is often used in recreational games. There are many other features, smaller and bigger ones, that can be available just in electronic components. However, when price matters most, it is still possible to find a much cheaper alternative to the full-featured electronic model – there’s a variety of old fashioned manual scoreboards.

A manual scorekeeper is often still a popular choice thanks to its simplicity and affordability. A typical example is a stand with two flip books with numbers in red and blue, where the numbers indicate the score and contrasting colors allow differentiating the teams. The judges simply flip the books when they want to change the score. This is obviously much lower tech, but it may be suitable for junior league games or intramural sports.

As just mentioned, basketball games that are mostly focused on fun or practicing may find it suitable to use a simple scorekeeper as something better than keeping track of score just in the heads. But, for more competitive purpose, you might also want to introduce at least the official time keeping and probably some other situation tracking to your game. There are such supplemental components as count up/down modules and shot clocks, possession indicators and others that can be added gradually to your score keeping routine as the need arises.

Scorekeeping Models

SSG/BSN Portable Manual Scorekeeper

This durable manual scorekeeper has 23″ width and 11″ height with the large numbers easily readable across the basketball court. Flat when folded and equipped with a carry handle, it is easy to be brought to the place with no electricity.


SSG/BSN Manual Scorekeeper with a Stand

This model comes with the stand making score keeping possible when you cannot use a tabletop one. The scorekeeper construction is sectional, so it can be stored compactly or can be easily taken to an outdoor game. In spite of such a flexible nature, it is really sturdy thanks to the quality materials being used. One interesting aspect is the special whiteboard labels you can write on by hand the team names or just “Home” and “Guest” as usual.