Two players jumping in attempt to gain the ball possessionIt is entirely another experience to watch a game not only knowing what the score is but being also aware of the other helpful information, such as who has possession of the ball. It is true that one can simply look to see who has the ball, but at the certain intense moments it can be much easier to glance at the diode light and see which team it is indicating – especially for fans being not that close to the basketball court. For this purpose, possession arrow modules can be purchased in addition to the score trackers to enhance the experience of game watching. A possession indicator can come as an electronic LED arrow device that can be switched back and forth or as a simple plastic sign with an arrow pointing in the direction in which the offense is going.

When going the route of a modular scoreboard, it is best advised to consider the needs of the particular basketball game. Will it be a very competitive event that will count toward a record in a league? Is it just for fun among friends and colleagues? Perhaps most importantly, will there be a large crowd who will need to see all the aspects of the game to stay informed on how it is progressing? Although possession indicators may be useful for the participants in the game, they are in many ways more important for the sake of the crowd.

Possession Indication Models

Electronic Possession Arrow

This possession indicator is a durable and well made digital model. It features a 20 inches wide LED screen with the bright possession arrow indicators providing an easy visibility for the players and the referee staff.


Plastic Possession Indicator

This plastic model is a budget solution for ball possession indication. The arrow direction is reversed by turning the sign around, and the contrasting colors are easily readable. While the sign construction is lightweight, it is still solid enough to be taken to the outdoor court with no power available.