Digital scoreboard displaying current state of basketball gameThe all-in-one basketball scoreboard is an electronic board displaying the versatile information about the game: scores, period, various game clocks, foul counters, possession and many others depending on the configuration complexity. Essentially, these boards come pre-compiled with all components integrated into the board itself. Such scoreboards are actually the most common ones due to their comprehensive nature. They usually range in prices from a few hundreds of dollars for a basic solution to a few thousands of dollars for more advanced feature combination, while large top-notch four-sided models can reach even higher prices.

All-in-one scoreboards can be represented with indoor or outdoor installations. Outdoor boards particularly suffer a lot of abuse, so spending a little more money upfront will save you a lot in the long run when it comes to costly repairs. There also can be portable and wall-mounted versions. It’s also worth noting that some models come as all-purpose ones that can be used for sports other than basketball if needed. Such systems typically display the set of information that is applicable to other kinds of sport as well.

There are a lot of options to consider when looking for a basketball scoreboard, and the recommendation really comes down to examining your needs. If the funds are there and there will be a regular crowd of attendees, an all-in-one wall-mounted LED display will probably be the way to go. Be prepared to some extra expense for installation, though some sellers may offer free installation when buying a scoreboard from them.

That being said, if you are refereeing peewee games or even intramural games amongst work colleagues, you may be able to get away with a simple portable all-in-one scoreboard – some of these models are actually quite comprehensive. Or, you can even start with choosing just the components you need with separate scoreboard modules as a budget customizable alternative.

Scoreboard Models

MacGregor Multisport Scoreboard

Besides such a sort of basic information as game score and time, this indoor scoreboard by MacGregor can display the current period, ball possession and bonus situations. The digits of 4.25″ height are used for score representation, while the clock has the slightly larger 4.75″ digits. This provides an easy readability in basic cases of indoor usage, while a wireless remote makes score keeping effortless. Although this model is a tabletop one, its placement capabilities can be enhanced by acquiring a scoreboard stand in addition.


Large MacGregor Multisport Scoreboard

This larger indoor model having four feet width and two feet height is able to display the same information as the smaller one, but the score is represented with the larger six inch digits and its overall displayed data layout looks more professional and clear. The scoreboard can be controlled with the wireless remote within the three hundred feet range. Not only the controller is rechargeable, but it can also use one of the twelve predefined frequencies to avoid possible interference with other wireless devices.


Indoor/Outdoor Multisport Scoreboard

According to this scoreboard manufacturer, it can work fine both indoors and outdoors. It can provide all the basically needed information about the basketball game and can be controlled in a simple and intuitive manner. When planning to use this model for some prolonged game events, it is better to charge it ahead. The full charge can take something around a day, but this is the downside of the very bright and clear display that is highly visible in any weather. There is also an option to buy a bag with this scoreboard for better convenience, considering its outdoor usage capabilities.


Champion Sports Multisport Scoreboard

This indoor model by Champion Sports comes with the sound signal functionality and suits well for different sports including basketball. The desired kind of game can be easily selected at the control panel, which provides a quick and intuitive access to all the required settings and duplicates all the indicators on the additional small display. As to the main display, game score along with timer/shot clock data are represented with the large and bright five inch high digits – the manufacturer claims that this is enough to be readable even at one hundred and fifty feet distance. Besides these mentioned basic game aspects, the scoreboard is capable of reflecting the current period, ball possession, and bonus data as well.